Lease Options for Sellers

Sell your house by renting it to someone who would like to eventually own it. Selling your home via Lease Option typically provides you with a superior tenant who will out perform a regular tenant, the means of marketing your property to a broader range of potential buyers and allows you to maximize your profits.  You won’t have to sell your home for less than you want for it.  If you’re looking for the best way to obtain full asking price, save on paying real estate commission’s and ask for a higher than average monthly rent for your home, a sale as, a Lease/Option Purchase will do that.

Since you're offering a valued opportunity to tenants living in your house, they will typically agree to pay for the maintenance and repair costs up to a certain dollar amount, ($1,000.00), maintain the property condition in an equal or superior condition than what it was in when they moved in, treat the home as if it were theirs, accept a long term lease and pay all the utilities, including water, garbage and sewer. They also agree to pay a price that is higher than current market value. 

The majority of regular rental tenants, because they are only renting, have a,” If I don’t own, I don’t care,” attitude. This kind of thought process is what causes, late payments, poor maintenance of the property, not paying rent at all and or damaging the property.

The lease option tenants typically have a completely different frame of mind. Theirs usually is,” This could be mine if I pay rent on time, keep the property in a equal or superior condition and I finance the property into my own name by the end of the lease!” The easiest way to describe it to you is to you ask yourself, “Do I treat things that I own better than things I don’t?”  

  Overview: Benefits to you

  • Sales price of what you want / higher profit margin.
  • Recieve more rent.
  • Annual rent increases.
  • Save money on commissions.
  • Broader market of tenants’.
  • Do not have to worry about marketing your property.
  • Faster way to find a tenant, (average time 7-10 days).
  • You get superior tenants’
  • Long term commitment from tenants’.
  • None refundable deposit from tenants’.
  • Tenants pay all utility costs, including water, garbage and sewer.
  • Tenants pay for maintenance and repair costs up to $1,000.00.
  • Tenants have pride of ownership.


The Lease Option Process for Sellers:

Step 1
Meet with one of our Lease Option specialists: call 916-258-7770

Step 2
We market your home for sale, Lease/Option, or both. You decide!

Step 3
We match your property with a Tenant/Buyer.

Step 4
We take the potential tenant through a rigorous qualification/interview process to verify their commitment to your property and the lease option process. If they do not pass the interview they will not be accepted as a candidate for your home!

Step 5
We help you finalize the Lease Option terms and purchase contract, collect the tenant's deposit and first months rent
Step 6

You continue collecting monthly rent. 

Step 7

After the lease term, when the tenants are prepared to purchase your home, at full asking price and they finance the home into their own name you collect your profits.