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Sunrise Options is a Sacramento based real estate company focusing in the lease option market place.

Lease Options in the Sacramento Area are what we specialize in. Right now Lease Options, also known as Rent To Own, transactions are one of the fastest growing segments of the Real Estate Market. Sunrise Options specializes in working with owner/investors who are buying and or already own lease option homes, to advertise Lease Option properties to the public. The Lease Option program is a viable way for people to work towards owning a home, while they restore their credit and save for a down payment.

Further Details: Sunrise Options

Investor/owners, (Optionor), and buyers, (Optionee), have the ability to hold property with an Option, without loosing their lease option rights. During the lease option process the Optionee and Optionor secures an evaluation and set a length of time, also known as an option period. Sunrise Options Rent to Own program allows investors to invest in 50% more Lease option properties because the costs to purchase an option is about 50% less than that of a traditional purchase. At Sunrise Options, their goal is to provide as many Lease option homes as they can, to communities across the state.

Sunrise Options lease option program utilizes California Association of Realtor forms when writing up lease option deals. They have over 5years experience in writing lease option contracts. The contracts start with a lease agreement, then an option agreement and following the option is a California residential purchase contract. In addition to the agreements you will find disclosures and addendums, outlining any known defects and or problems affecting the home.

With years of experience, many satisfied clients and properties, Sunrise Options is Northern California's leader in Lease Options. Contact us today for more information at 916-258-7770.

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